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What is the meaning of phalangist in Hindi?

Meaning of phalangist in Hindi is :
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Definition of word phalangist

  • Any arboreal marsupial of the genus Phalangista. The vulpine phalangist (Phalangista vulpina) is the largest species, the full grown male being about two and a half feet long. It has a large bushy tail. (noun)

Examples of word phalangist

  • Or maybe a Fourierian phalangist, if I can have mine without the anti-Semitism.
  • A picture of phalangist youth in a 1937 Neolaia article entitled 'New spirit — New directions — New housekeeping in our children's education', which emphasised the role of mothers as 'leaders in the home, guardians of tradition, and breeders of new healthy fighters for the nation'.
  • Ozymandias was a Lefty in his public hero heyday, but by the time of the main narrative he has become a megalomaniacal quasi-monarch -- an enlightened despot, an embodiment of a phalangist strongman.
  • A fair number of Christian phalangist paramilitaries to this day still shoot the Hitler salute by way of greeting and some even display the swastika.
  • An Israeli film, "Waltz with Bashir" by director Ari Folman uses animation to piece together his time in the Israeli army, when in 1982, he witnessed the massacre by a Christian phalangist group as they invaded refugee camps in Lebanon.

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