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What is the meaning of petal in Hindi?

Meaning of petal in Hindi is : फूल की पत्ती

Definition of word petal

  • one of the component parts of the corolla of a flower, when this consists of separate parts, that is it is not fused. Petals are often brightly colored. (noun)

Examples of word petal

  • Also I have accepted the term petal -- but never the word lip -- as applied to flowers.
  • Like with the Flower one petal is a dragonfly wing, what is the other image in the smoke?
  • The first petal is aligned with Mecca, to the Southwest of the project site.
  • Moving clockwise at the top of the ZPO Tower, the second petal is directed toward the old town of Deira, a neighborhood of traditional souks, mosques, old fortress walls and wind towers.
  • And yet, he makes us think that an artichoke petal is a person, and imbues that person with so much expression, simply by means of mechanical movement.
  • He took a silk rose with the American flag screen printed on each petal from a wreath on the grave.
  • The centre of the outer line of each petal is drawn out at the edge like the tails on the under wings of the Luna moth.
  • Each large outer petal is curved and cup-shaped, yet each has its finishing point which makes the blossom starry, and these eight inner
  • But this is not strictly correct; for instance, suppose a petal, which is very generally merely the sheath of