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What is the meaning of permute in Hindi?

Meaning of permute in Hindi is : क्रमचय करना

Definition of word permute

  • To change the order of something. (verb)
  • To make a permutation. (verb)

Examples of word permute

    • The reason we sorted each value returned by the "permute" subroutine was so that each value would be in order.
    • "permute" subroutine actually contains multiple scalar pseudo-lists.
    • For all its spectacular qualities, the installation steers the viewer to pace himself, to reflect on the concept of number, as the broad spacing of the lamps compels one to swivel to see how combinations of one, two and three elements permute and progress within each room — whether these fluorescent tubes are fixed along the walls at their centers or their corners.
    • Although we permute and combine ideas in the imagination to form complex ideas of things we haven't experienced, Hume is adamant that our creative powers extend no farther than “the materials afforded us by the senses and experience.”
    • My desire to permute compositions of matter did not seem to fit with the physical chemistry being done at Harvard at that time.