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What is the meaning of permanent in Hindi?

Meaning of permanent in Hindi is : स्थिर

Definition of word permanent

  • Without end, eternal. (adjective)
  • A chemical hair treatment imparting or removing curliness, whose effects typically last for a period of weeks; a perm. (noun)

Examples of word permanent

    • The _true stories_ of the pioneer wives and mothers are often as interesting as any work of fiction, and need no embellishment from the imagination of a writer, because they are crowded with incidents and situations as thrilling as those which form the staple out of which novels are fabricated; love and adventure, hair-breadth escapes, heart-rending tragedies on the frontier, are thus woven into a narrative of absorbing and permanent interest, _permanent_ because it is part of the history and biography of America.
    • He quickly became "interim" CEO, making the title permanent a few years later in 2000.
    • The phrase 'permanent record' seems to be taking on a whole new meaning nowadays.
    • The wording of any ETA statement will be scrutinized for commitments to disarm since the group has used the term "permanent" ceasefire in the past, then returned to violence.
    • 3. The term "permanent CEO" is almost an oxymoron at Hewlett Packard, a company whose board has fired three CEOs in six years.
    • ETA Monday declared what it calls a permanent cease-fire that it says can be internationally verified.