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What is the meaning of perineal in Hindi?

Meaning of perineal in Hindi is :

Definition of word perineal

  • Referring to the region of the perineum. (adjective)

Examples of word perineal

  • Dusty had the surgical procedure, called a perineal urethrostomy, performed.
  • 4. G-spot: A particular area near the vagina is the urethral sponge also called the perineal sponge, or G-spot.
  • Later, they concluded she had suffered a severe perineal tear.
  • This is also the area that often sustains tears during childbirth, and any scars will benefit from perineal and vaginal massage.
  • William Howell, who had been a boatswain at Trafalgar and a sergeant at Waterloo, turns up in the journals years later, aged 55, on the Dryad, described as "very much dissipated and suffered much from stricture and perineal tumours".

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