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What is the meaning of perch in Hindi?

Meaning of perch in Hindi is : साड़े पांच गज का नाप

Definition of word perch

  • Any of the three species of spiny-finned freshwater fish in the genus Perca. (noun)
    जीनस पेर्का में काँटेदार-पंख वाले मीठे पानी की मछली की तीन प्रजातियों में से कोई भी।
  • To rest on (or as if on) a perch; to roost. (verb)
    एक पर्च पर आराम करने के लिए (या मानो चालू); बसेरा करने के लिए।

Examples of word perch

    • Moreover, the perch is apt for flat surfaces that can be installed in crowded places, such as educational institutes, bank and hospitals, as small leaning stations.
    • Comprising three identical panels, injection-molded from a recycled wood plastic composite, the perch is not only cost-effective to produce but also helps in sustaining the environment.
    • His perch is in the "knothole," an arched opening in the right-field wall at AT & T Park where 100 people can stroll up and watch, free of charge.
    • Yes | No | Report from muskiemaster wrote 33 weeks 2 days ago my first artificial bait was a rapala floater in perch pattern it was a little one and I still have it but don't fish it on to many occasions anymore it's more of a good luck charm.
    • The yellow perch is native to most river drainages in the south, however thay are not a significant sporting species and usually are quite small in size.
    • Crank bait: I love the line of "little" ones from Rapala. .esp the diver in perch colors
    • The ability to call your enemy and talk them down from the perch is of supreme importance.