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What is the meaning of pelvic in Hindi?

Meaning of pelvic in Hindi is : श्रोणीय

Definition of word pelvic

  • Of, pertaining to, or in the region of, the pelvis; as, pelvic cellulitis. (adjective)

Examples of word pelvic

  • These fasciæ are closely related to one another and to the deep fascia of the perineum, and in addition have special connections with the fibrous coverings of the pelvic viscera; it is customary therefore to describe them together under the term pelvic fascia.
  • Usually Maynard appears in concerts in an orange full-body jump suit with a scarf around his neck, and he jumps to center stage displaying an innovation that he introduced into the musical world which he calls the pelvic thrust.
  • Dogged by a long-term pelvic injury, the 36-year-old South African had not been named in Warwickshire's four-day team since last August and his 2011 entrance could not have been more dramatic.
  • Then a woman may begin to experience the more severe pelvic symptoms like pain, organ prolapse, or urine leakage that result from these long-term pelvic imbalances.
  • But it may help us understand the role bacterial vaginosis can play in pelvic inflammatory disease and uterine infections. posted by sydney on


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