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What is the meaning of pea in Hindi?

Meaning of pea in Hindi is : मटर की छिम्मी

Definition of word pea

  • A plant, member of the legume (Fabaceae) family (noun)
    एक पौधा, फलियां (फैबेसी) परिवार का सदस्य

Examples of word pea

  • How exciting to be invited to come to the White House, see 'the garden' (new meaning to the term pea-green with envy) as the fabulous first lady drafted us all into the service of our country's children to ensure their healthy future.
  • Among the roots, it mentions _Openauk_, which must have been what we call the pea-nut, which is now largely cultivated along that coast, and is quite an article of commerce.
  • My sweet little pea is now 7 months old and very alive.
  • Any Aussie pie of your choice, covered in pea soup made by Madeleine the Crepe Lady (a little old French lady who makes crepes in the same Internet Cafe).
  • It can be jarring in pea soup to have a jolt of capsiacin heat.
  • I like them in pea soup – they are sweet, but more complexly flavored than carrots, which adds another level of flavor to the entire dish.
  • In 1965, fifty companies embarked, in pea soup secrecy, upon a historic search for gas under the North Sea.
  • Everybody exclaimed over this: "Surely there was no danger in pea-nuts!"
  • We have to go back to the voters and convince them, ‘you still can’t sleep because the goddamn pea is killing you.’
  • Also, some stores sell a small grey seed, a bit smaller than a pea, that is a brilliant yellow when broken open and can be used the same way since it doesn't seem to have any flavor that I can discern.