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What is the meaning of pass around in Hindi?

Meaning of pass around in Hindi is :

Definition of word pass around

  • cause be distributed (verb)
  • cause to become widely known (verb)

Examples of word pass around

  • She leaned over the map, using a piece of charcoal to sketch in some of the nearby mountains she had just traveled through, and showed. them a lowland pass around several.
  • General Lee's aim was to pass around the right flank of his adversary, and bring him to battle; and, although the promptness of General Meade's movements defeated the last-named object nearly completely, the manoeuvres of the two armies form a highly-interesting study.
  • Many of the detached invidents and facts of our daily life pass around and over her unobserved; but she has enough detailed acquaintance with the world to keep her view of it from being essentially defective.
  • Serve in bowls and pass around a chilled bottle of pepper-flavored vodka.
  • Along this line he had constructed some slight works during the night, and at daylight on the 24th, I moved the Sixth and Nineteenth corps through Mt. Jackson to attack him, sending Powell's division to pass around his left flank, toward Timberville, and Devin's brigade across the North Fork, to move along the base of Peaked Ridge and attack his right.

Varients Of Word pass around

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