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What is the meaning of particle in Hindi?

Meaning of particle in Hindi is : सामान्य प्रत्यय

Definition of word particle

Examples of word particle

  • _The vast emptiness which surrounds the universe, was not filled with things seen, with sun or moon or stars; it stretched boundless, penetrating everywhere, disuniting everything, body from body, particle from particle_.
  • The same phenomenon occurs when the gamma particle is absorbed in the receiving nucleus.
  • Hm. Instead, they use some very beautiful dimensional analysis to come up with a new dimensionless parameter, what they call the particle momentum number Pa, which seems to capture more of the physics here - for very large and very small values of Pa, the particles augment turbulence, while for an intermediate range of Pa turbulence is attenuated.
  • The Higgs particle is so important because if found, it would resolve the great mystery that clouds our understanding of how energy gains mass on the way to becoming matter.
  • There was some excitement at the Tevatron collider site in the U.S. recently, not because they had found what has been mischievously referred to as the "God particle," but because they had ruled out a quarter of the energy range where the Higgs particle is said to exist.
  • One scientist said that each particle is like a little oven concentrating the sun's heat on a single spot.
  • To assume that one fundamental particle is the same as any other is to assume that one American is the same as any other.