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What is the meaning of paramour in Hindi?

Meaning of paramour in Hindi is : जारिणी

Definition of word paramour

  • An illicit lover, either male or female. (noun)

Examples of word paramour

  • We also heard it had been rented or owned by William Randolph Hearst for his long-term paramour, Marion Davies.
  • In “Beauty and the Beast” or “The Frog Prince,” the animal paramour is an enchanted human, so by means of a deus ex machina, the beast becomes a prince.
  • He talked the Luciano gang into backing him in building his dream casino, The Flamingo, the nickname he called his paramour Virginia Hill.
  • You need to get over yourself, learn some humility, and then you need to move on. p.s.: a nut bag is something entirely different than you think and stop using the word paramour, it makes you sound like an arrogant donkey.
  • PPPlleassseee. e ... give me a break with this phony ness and go hang out with your 'paramour' - about whom you want to brag to Maria but Maria is not interested!!


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