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What is the meaning of parameter in Hindi?

Meaning of parameter in Hindi is : मापदण्ड

Definition of word parameter

  • A variable kept constant during an experiment, calculation or similar. (noun)
  • A name in a function or subroutine definition that is replaced by, or bound to, the corresponding actual argument when the function or subroutine is called: a formal parameter. (noun)
  • The value which is passed into the function to instantiate such a name; the argument or actual parameter. (noun)
  • A characteristic or feature that distinguishes something from others. (noun)
  • In the ellipse and hyperbola, a third proportional to any diameter and its conjugate, or in the parabola, to any abscissa and the corresponding ordinate. (noun)
  • The ratio of the three crystallographic axes which determines the position of any plane. (noun)
  • The fundamental axial ratio for a given species. (noun)

Examples of word parameter

  • ABCfunction () if [SomeConditionIsTrue] then echo "1" else echo "0" fi parameter = "Cool" flag = ` ABCfunction $parameter `
  • Pagkalos also provided more detail on the redirect that Mox implemented over the weekend, noting that the attack used an IFRAME injected into the title parameter of a personal group -- another social networking feature of the Obama site -- that then let Mox remotely call some malicious JavaScript.
  • If the value of documentTitle is empty, then an empty string is used for the title parameter on the URL.
  • 'Here we extend the term parameter to cover global or @ 1986 ACM O-89791-197-O/86/0600-0152 75C imported variables.
  • The title parameter can receive UTF-8 text as well (e.g. clipboard's content retrieved with Transform):

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