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What is the meaning of pandal in Hindi?

Meaning of pandal in Hindi is :

Definition of word pandal

  • A large temporary structure erected during various Hindu and Buddhist religious festivals. (noun)

Examples of word pandal

  • The word pandal means a temporary structure, made of bamboo and cloth, which is used as a temporary temple for the purpose of the puja.
  • It asked members of public to stop misusing currency notes for stitching wedding garlands, decorating the place where weddings take place (known as a pandal), or "for showering on personalities at social events."
  • The pandal is the centre of attraction in Surat, due to its magnificent beauty and exceptional craftsmanship.
  • Recalling an instance from 1950s, he said that a huge 'pandal' (makeshift roof) put up at Tamukkam grounds caved in just two days before the All India Congress Committee conference.
  • Piyal Adhikari/European Pressphoto Agency An artist worked with metal tea pots at a pandal or makeshift enclosure for an idol of Goddess Durga before Durga Puja festival in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata, Thursday.


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