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What is the meaning of paladin in Hindi?

Meaning of paladin in Hindi is : सामन्त

Definition of word paladin

  • A heroic champion (especially a knightly one). (noun)
  • A defender or advocate of a noble cause. (A defender of faith). (noun)
  • Any of the twelve Companions of the court of Emperor Charlemagne. (noun)

Examples of word paladin

  • Said paladin is only absent a few moments before returning to the bar and his suspiciously empty cider, which the bartender quickly refills without comment.
  • And I think I've discovered that blood elf/paladin is my very favorite flavor combination so far.
  • Suraa, Spooky's blood elf paladin, is now at Level 44, because I haven't been playing quite as much, and so she's gotten a little ahead.
  • My paladin is level 71, so also a candidate to hang out with Crossfire, but I don't want to go Retribution.
  • I've been seventy years an admired hero, the Hector of Afghanistan, the chap who led the Light Brigade, daredevil survivor of countless stricken fields, honoured by Queen and Country, V.C. and Medal of Honour - folk simply don't want to know that such a paladin was a rotter and bully in childhood, and if he was, they don't care.


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