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What is the meaning of oye in Hindi?

Meaning of oye in Hindi is :

Definition of word oye

Examples of word oye

  • In India, everyone from a waiter to your boss is an 'oye'.
  • The Ravel is 'Ma Mere L'oye' (Mother Goose Suite), a piano duet that I will be playing in the spring with a friend.
  • While a lot of it seems pretty pathetic looking, even in the fancy pictures on the company site, (like the lasagna? or the Biryani? oye) I was drawn to the Mushroom Paneer wrap.
  • For example, the girl can pronounce the word “madamoiselle” almost perfectly (except for that she pronounces “oi” like “oye”)!
  • On February 13th 2009, Meena wrote: oye people u r nuts or wat?? come on chris wouldnt do anything stupid … … dat rihanna biitch is da one …. .slagggg …. .she has something to do all this … … i love u chris …. .x x


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