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What is the meaning of oxidate in Hindi?

Meaning of oxidate in Hindi is : ऑक्सी उत्पाद

Definition of word oxidate

  • (chemistry) to oxidize (verb)
    (रसायन विज्ञान) ऑक्सीकरण करने के लिए
  • (chemistry) an oxide (noun)
    (रसायन विज्ञान) एक ऑक्साइड

Examples of word oxidate

    • Where I come from we have a saying that a decanter is only as good as the pour (meaning to allow a good splash so the wine can oxidate while pouring).
    • The hardest rock is worn into impalpable mud, the ordinary metals oxidate, and both are removed; but gold, platina, and a few others are nearly indestructible, and from their weight, sinking to the bottom, are left behind.
    • The parts, however, where the letters of the inscription had existed, oxidate at a different rate from the surrounding parts, so that these letters exhibit their shape, and become legible in consequence of the film of oxide which covers them having a different thickness, and therefore reflecting a different tint from that of the adjacent parts.
    • If we use an uniform and homogeneous disc of silver that has never been hammered or compressed, its surface will oxidate equally, provided all its parts are equally heated.
    • It has become a brown infusible substance, which does not shine in the dark nor oxidate in the air.
    • When a piece of zinc and silver are connected together, and the zinc is put in a situation to decompose water, and oxidate, a current of hydrogen gas will separate from the silver wire, provided this be immersed under water; but when it is not, a current of electricity passes, which is sensible to the electrometer.
    • It is not absolutely necessary to use two metals to produce the galvanic phenomena; for if one side of a metal be made to oxidate, while the other is prevented from oxidation, these appearances will still be produced.