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What is the meaning of oversubscribing in Hindi?

Meaning of oversubscribing in Hindi is :

Definition of word oversubscribing

  • Present participle of oversubscribe. (verb)

Examples of word oversubscribing

  • More recently, the mailing list that zin freaks have been oversubscribing is that of Carlisle, which launched its first commercial vintage in 1998, although founder Mike Officer had been making wine in his garage for many years before he launched a winery under his wife's maiden name Officer sounded a bit forbidding.
  • "By significantly oversubscribing to the combined offerings, investors are showing great confidence in our longer term business strategy," said KeyCorp Chief Executive Henry Meyer.
  • Sanjay, is there a problem here in oversubscribing at this point?
  • They were asked in addition to buy government bonds to a total of fourteen billions, and they responded by oversubscribing this amount by nearly five billions.
  • Shopping mall operators like BR Malls BRML3 are raising capital in secondary offerings, and investors are oversubscribing to new issues.
  • But there are always many ways to read paintings, and, as much space as I've given both artist's techniques aside, one can easily revel in these transcendent and transporting works without oversubscribing to the work-ethic connotations both carry but, to be fair, do not overplay.
  • "Seven-year bonds are more targeted, for specific buyers, and you expect from the start not to have oversubscribing seen in other auctions," Christodoulou told Flash Radio.
  • Just as long as it's not done by totally oversubscribing the network and screwing things up for everyone, as is the case with AT&T in the US, and potentially still Optus today.
  • However, when it comes to storage resources, we've barely approached the limits of full utilization, never mind oversubscribing.