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What is the meaning of oversubscribe in Hindi?

Meaning of oversubscribe in Hindi is : अतिपूर्वक्रय

Definition of word oversubscribe

  • To subscribe to an extent that is greater than the availability (verb)

Examples of word oversubscribe

  • On what basis can we conclude that such behavior is irrational, or that consumers "oversubscribe" to such packages?
  • I use Google Reader to oversubscribe to feeds from all over.
  • When you oversubscribe your network to get customer costs down to market, each customers “fair share” is that over subscription fraction … in our case we over subscribe a T1 30: 1 … each share is 50-64kbps … more or less.
  • And, as we ` ve seen time and time again, doctors are more than happy to oversubscribe addicts medication.
  • RSS readers encourage you to oversubscribe to news.
  • Consumers appear to oversubscribe to flat-rate payment plans, for utilities and telephone service and health clubs...
  • I see the French Canadians giving their money, without grumbling: they pay the taxes, they oversubscribe the Victory Loans, they give to the various drives, such as the Red Cross and the Russian Fund.