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What is the meaning of ourselves in Hindi?

Meaning of ourselves in Hindi is : हम स्वयं

Definition of word ourselves

  • us; the group including the speaker as the object of a verb or preposition when that group also is the subject. (pronoun)
    हम; एक क्रिया या पूर्वसर्ग की वस्तु के रूप में वक्ता सहित समूह जब वह समूह भी विषय हो।

Examples of word ourselves

  • There is no such thing as vengeance for a private wrong, and therefore we have the precept to forgive our enemies, and not to avenge ourselves, in which phrase the emphasis falls on the word _ourselves_.
  • The charity which we should thus bear to ourselves is the model of that which we owe to our neighbour, whom we are to love _as ourselves_, not with the same intensity, but with the same quality of love, wishing him the good, human and divine, temporal and eternal, which we wish for ourselves, though not so earnestly as we wish it for ourselves.
  • If we are to _be_ in Christ when we are in Ephesus, we need to keep ourselves separate and faithful, and to _keep ourselves_ in
  • _Keep ourselves to ourselves_, for I'll tell you a bit of a sacret --
  • Permission to believe in ourselves is the ability to accept our limitations and move on despite them (or around them).
  • Because keeping Love locked up within ourselves is to go against the spirit of God, it proves that we never knew Him, that He loved us in vain, and that His Son died to no avail.
  • "I think the term ourselves refers principally to ordained ministers and their wives," Abner judged.
  • So when everyone else stops calling us Yids and chanting racist abuse, then you can make a case for us to stop using the term ourselves.
  • The true way to have rejoicing in ourselves is to be much in proving our own works, in examining ourselves by the unerring rule of God's word, and not by the false measures of what others are, or may think of us.
  • I don't know, but just about anything is better than what we label ourselves now.