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What is the meaning of osteoporotic in Hindi?

Meaning of osteoporotic in Hindi is :

Definition of word osteoporotic

  • Relating to osteoporosis. (adjective)

Examples of word osteoporotic

  • Another client seems grateful when telling me that her GP has at last confirmed her spinal fractures; she'd been in pain for two years with all the classic osteoporotic signs but no hint of an investigation until we encouraged her to pursue it.
  • A husband may avoid sex, fearing that he will "hurt" his wife's arthritic or osteoporotic back.
  • She is allowed her personal opinions but it is doubtful that any comment she may offer has power or relevancy to the thousands of highly symptomatic women who are desperate to sleep through the night, think clearly again, enjoy sex without pain of vaginal dryness and maintain optimal lean body mass, lower risk of diabetes, osteoporotic fractures and dementia.
  • The study found that the femur fractures had many features in common with osteoporotic hip fractures.
  • Of the 136 trials they found that examined the effects of dietary calcium on osteoporotic fracture risk, two-thirds of them showed that a high calcium intake does not reduce the number of fractures -- even in those who took calcium (with vitamin D) during childhood.