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What is the meaning of orphan in Hindi?

Meaning of orphan in Hindi is : लावारिस

Definition of word orphan

Examples of word orphan

  • + BookPage interview ( "He hasn't had a drink in a decade and Yonder Stands Your Orphan is the first novel he wrote sober.")
  • This house, which he called the Orphan-House, he began to build about the year 1740, and afterwards finished it at a great expense.
  • (Laughter.) "Orphan" is a word the Germans approved, and so we called it an orphanage, and the day of the Armistice they put outside on the wall a beautiful inscription, "Cardinal Mercier School."
  • Christopher Banks, your detective hero, has to some extent stepped out of this genre, but the world of When We Were Orphan is quite a long way from that of these genteel mysteries, isn't it?
  • One thing I really adored in "Orphan's Tales" is how incredibly intertwined the stories are.


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