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What is the meaning of orator in Hindi?

Meaning of orator in Hindi is : सुवक्ता

Definition of word orator

  • Someone who orates or delivers an oration. (noun)

Examples of word orator

  • Demades, the Ancient Greek orator, is about to address an assembly in Athens on a matter of vital importance.
  • It was a performance to daunt a lesser orator from the very attempt.
  • Colonel Winston, a great orator from the West, was at a convention in Washington as a candidate for Attorney-General.
  • A stump orator is imported, a real rabble-rouser of the peppiest kind, and with blatant eloquence he demonstrates that nothing will be easier than for Gopher Prairie to take the lead and reach the 200,000 class.
  • But whoever read it to you should have explained that when I wrote 'He was an orator,' the word orator was marked emphatically, so as to appear printed in capital letters of emphasis.
  • The prosecutors brought with them a certain orator named Tertullus, a Roman, skilled in the Roman law and language, and therefore fittest to be employed in a cause before the Roman governor, and most likely to gain favour.
  • The tongue of the most subtle disputant, and the most eloquent orator, is but the pen with which God writes what he pleases.
  • a certain orator -- one of those Roman advocates who trained themselves for the higher practice of the metropolis by practicing in the provinces, where the Latin language, employed in the courts, was but imperfectly understood and Roman forms were not familiar. informed ... against Paul -- "laid information," that is, put in the charges.
  • 1 And after five days Ananias the high priest descended with the elders, and with a certain orator named Tertullus, who informed the governor against Paul.
  • Senator John McCain, who has not known as a mellifluous orator, is already playing the political game of lowering expectations for his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis next month – particularly since Senator Barack Obama will deliver his speech before the Democrats at the Denver Broncos’ football stadium.