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What is the meaning of optimization in Hindi?

Meaning of optimization in Hindi is : बेहतरी

Definition of word optimization

  • the design and operation of a system or process to make it as good as possible in some defined sense (noun)

Examples of word optimization

  • IP networking and routing (both theory and practice) • Core network planning• Performance monitoring• Design and optimization of fixed and mobile wireless networks and packet switched services tuning and optimization• Solid competence in WCDMA/HSPA technology in the PS Core and end-user services area• Experience as system engineer with the End-to-End performance management• Main focus on: • Packet switched services performance• Signaling protocols for
  • The most important aspect in optimization is freshm and quality content which is loved by various search engines.
  • Sashihara uses the term "optimization" as one he thinks resonates with business leaders, but the discipline is more formally known as operations research.
  • The term optimization is used to explain the procedure whereby finance is maximized by reducing costs and increasing the return.
  • Third-order fit goes beyond activity rein - eight weeks long. 3 forcement to what I call optimization of effort.


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