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What is the meaning of opportunity in Hindi?

Meaning of opportunity in Hindi is : सुसंयोग

Definition of word opportunity

  • A chance for advancement, progress or profit. (noun)
  • A favorable circumstance or occasion. (noun)

Examples of word opportunity

    • Indeed, she insinuated that I was perfectly willing to squander the safety of our family just because I couldn't get a deal on batteries, wondering whether I'd ever heard the expression "opportunity cost."
    • When Flair learned that Warrior was getting the title opportunity at SummerSlam instead of him, he launched another series of well-calculated mind games.
    • Triple H reminds Shawn that he still has his title opportunity with the Elimination Chamber.
    • NXT guys than talking about his title opportunity on Sunday.
    • If Povetkin takes another fight, tune-up or otherwise, he loses his title opportunity because the IBF will take away his mandatory ranking.


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