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What is the meaning of opined in Hindi?

Meaning of opined in Hindi is : ने कहा
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Definition of word opined

  • To state as an opinion. (verb-transitive)
  • To express an opinion: opined on the defendant's testimony. (verb-intransitive)

Examples of word opined

  • Harper is probably the best leader on offer but, as comedian Dennis Miller might opine, that is like being the smartest kid in summer school.
  • 'opine' -- and that innumerable things were within your horizon which had no place within mine.
  • (Not for the least of reasons which include being able to use a form of the word "opine".)
  • I guess we aren't going to hear Ann "opine" about Rudy's Shag Fund...
  • But that's what I was referring to in my first post in this thread: Ever since you stated your intention to "opine" about Rudy's shag fund, I have been looking forward to hearing your take on it, primarily because I know that you at least appear to be a Giuliani supporter.

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