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What is the meaning of omnivore in Hindi?

Meaning of omnivore in Hindi is : सर्वाहारी

Definition of word omnivore

  • An animal which is able to consume both plants (like a herbivore) and meat (like a carnivore). (noun)

Examples of word omnivore

  • At the press of a button, drivers can choose between normal, sport and eco, which you might characterize as omnivore, carnivore and vegan, respectively.
  • But she was a literary "omnivore," and on this day her eye fell on Alvin M.
  • I am a non-veggie married to a veggie...... lunch-meat sliced turkey or roast beef or whatnot has been one of my solutions of late for easy meat, but then, I'm the kind of omnivore who doesn't really like meat that much, but needs a high protein diet and just finds it easier.
  • Write a haiku in the Comments section with the words, "omnivore" and "fox" and enter to win a pair of tickets to the SOLD OUT 8 p.m. event at the Herbst Theater on Friday.
  • In some way, Entelodonts could represent a continuation of "Andrewsarchid" morphotype, a kind of omnivore, bone-crushing, carrion-eater that could represent the original morphotype of hypothetical mesonychian-andrewsarchid-cetartiodactyl common ancestor.


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