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What is the meaning of oilseed in Hindi?

Meaning of oilseed in Hindi is :

Definition of word oilseed

  • The seed of any of several plants which are used commercially as a source of vegetable oil (noun)
  • The plant that yields such seed (noun)

Examples of word oilseed

  • Citigroup analyst David Driscoll said on Apr. 7 that a recent visit with ADM management in Decatur, Ill., confirmed his belief that fundamental trends are deteriorating across ADM's major businesses, namely oilseed processing and agricultural services.
  • "Apart from crops such as oilseed rape and field beans, there are precious few pollen sources around for bees and other insects in modern arable farmland and surprisingly little in areas specialising in dairy, beef or sheep production," he said.
  • The success of "wastes" such as oilseed meals, fish meal, and rendering plant by-products as well established feed ingredients may create the false impression that the use of any waste as a feed is an easy, straightforward process.
  • What remains to be discussed is the growth of microbial protein on edible substrates and the conversion of byproducts, such as oilseed press-cakes, to food by means of fermentation.
  • Planting break crops such as oilseed rape allowed alternative products such as propyzamide and carbetamide to be used.


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