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What is the meaning of ofgrace in Hindi?

Meaning of ofgrace in Hindi is :

Definition of word ofgrace

Examples of word ofgrace

  • For man was not depriued of Will when he did caft himfclfe into this neceflity, but of the foundeneffe of Will And Bcr - narde fayth not vnaptly, which teacheth that to Will is in vs all: but to Will good is a profiting, to will ill is a defautrand therefore fimply to willjis the worke of manao will euill, of corrupte naturerto wil wcl, ofgrace.
  • And let us aigue ourselves into this as our duty, by consider - ing how dearly our Lord Jesus has pur - chased our day of grace and opportunity of salvation: how many have been damned and lost forever, by their not improving this talent of time: how dreadful the con - demnation of such will be, who choose dark - ness rather than light; how unreasonable it is, to be so careful of the body, and so regard - less of the soul; how strange it is, that we should not do that for our eternal advantage, which worldlings do for a htde temporal gain; and, lastly, how uncertain we are of Uie continuance of our time and season ofgrace.


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