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What is the meaning of odyle in Hindi?

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Definition of word odyle

Examples of word odyle

  • This odyle is particularly potent in certain bodies and one of these is the beryl or quartz.
  • The odyle, as Reichenbach so conclusively proved by his experiments, rapidly responds to surrounding magnetic conditions and to the vibrations of surrounding bodies, and to none more rapidly than the etheric vibrations caused by combustion or light of any kind.
  • It is believed that all bodies convey, or are the vehicles of certain universal property called od or odyle
  • The explanation appears to be that the nervo-vital emanations from the body of the seer act upon the static odyle in the agent, which in turn reacts upon the brain centres by means of the optic nerves.
  • The odyle, as has been already stated, rapidly responds to surrounding magnetic conditions, and to the vibrations of surrounding Bodies, and to none more powerfully than the etheric perturbation caused by combustion -- indeed, to light of any kind.
  • If it were preposterous nonsense to say that electricity, or magnetism, or odyle, contrived and made a little bracelet box, how much more absurd to ascribe the making of the cavity of the eye to any such cause.
  • Fill it as full of electricity, magnetism and odyle as you please; do these afford any _reason_ for its very extraordinary conduct?
  • In these days of table-turnings, mesmerisms, spirit - rappings, odyle fluids, and millenarian pamphlets selling
  • Thus, even in the material world itself, we distinguish sulphur from soda, gold from granite, and magnesia from electricity or _odyle_.
  • I think it must be in the atmosphere, -- ozone or odyle, what is it? "