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What is the meaning of occurring in Hindi?

Meaning of occurring in Hindi is :

Definition of word occurring

  • Present participle of occur. (verb)
  • The action of the verb to occur. (noun)
  • That occurs in a specified manner. (adjective)

Examples of word occurring

  • During this period, which they describe as occurring between AD 885 and 1235, the outer part of Igaliku Fjord experienced enhanced vertical mixing which they attribute to increased wind stress that would have been expected to increase nutrient availability there.
  • If they do maintain that they are more excellent than he, let them prove themselves so by their works, for they have never pretended to anything like [what he describes as occurring to himself].
  • The calcspar is extremely abundant at Bergen Hill, where it might be mistaken for many of the other minerals which I describe as occurring there, and even in preference to them, to one's great chagrin upon arriving home and testing it, to find that it is nothing but calcite.
  • To prevent any such misapprehension, I will observe that the events which I describe as occurring before me, have all taken place within forty-eight hours in and near the house of Mr. Townsend, of Spa-hill, Kilfinane, county
  • In these and in all other instances of this term occurring in Homer, it is observable, that it is always in the same acceptation, and uniformly precedes the same word, αριστος.
  • So anyone promising you that adopting a particular monetary system will thereby prevent those cycles from occurring is no more worthy of your attention than a snake oil salesman.
  • The most common instances of this occurring is not union protests but anti-abortion protests outside the homes of doctors and clinic staff members.
  • But with the far-left triumvirate of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid running things, the odds of either of these events actually occurring is exactly zero.
  • To take another example of missteps in "The Sun's Heartbeat," the formation of the sun is described as occurring in a "plain-vanilla" cloud of hydrogen gas; the cloud was roughly 25% helium.
  • The interaction between the benzamidenafil and the organic nitrates can cause a "life-threatening" risk of a sudden and large drop in blood pressure, the FDA said in a press release, while noting that the probability of such an interaction occurring is unknown.