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What is the meaning of occures in Hindi?

Meaning of occures in Hindi is :

Definition of word occures

Examples of word occures

  • There is no end to the corruption that occures in that scenario.
  • Now certainly there's some softening that occures.
  • But as one commentator said as evidence that he went to school in Texas where everyone had a weapon, and no crime occured, we can just as easily conclude that when no one has a weapon and no crime occures, then it must be due to lack of weapons.
  • BTW the organization which makes the determination under Geneva as to whether torture has occures - happens to be the International Red Cross.
  • I was going to say 'I am not a fanboy!' but it occures to me (1) that I know how to say that in Tolkien elfish, both Sindar and Quenya, not to mention variation of Angerthas runes, (2) but I have to get back to my online debate about why Hal Jordon is he only REAL Green Lantern.
  • Due to these unacceptable and undemocratic phenomena of Pakistani politics voilence, hatred and polarization in the socity occures which divides the society into hostile factions which destroy the very foundation of the country and this is the main reason that Pakistani nation loss a brave and dedicated internationally renowned political figure of Ms. Benazir Bhutto on 27th of December,2007.
  • The interesting things I picked out of this talk was that the presance of mantle plumes below certian volcanics - ie the stuff that occures in the middle of the oceans away from either subduction zones or mid ocean rifts.
  • Much history stands to be lost in the sands of time if this occures!
  • The result - its probably a rare type of hernia that occures between the two rows of muscle and its lickly to be a bit of my intesting thats poking threw hence other issues I've been having.
  • Mum came and stayed with us last week - it was Als week in London - it occures to me that we propably havent posted about the fact he is now away in the booming capital every other week which is a bit difficult but working out.