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What is the meaning of occured in Hindi?

Meaning of occured in Hindi is :

Definition of word occured

  • Common misspelling of occurred. (verb)

Examples of word occured

  • BUT, if the gain occured over 10 years, and 50$ of the 100$ was inflation, then 20% x 100$ = 20 $/50$ = 40% actual tax rate on capital.
  • The ONLY reason this decision occured is because the NeoCons have not yet succeeded in their plans to take over America.
  • Another change in Google that just seems to have occured is an extension of the spell checker routine that was suggesting the corrects pelling in case a user mistyped a word while searching.
  • a middle class but the only changes that have occured is that the economic recovery is being placed on the backs of the poor instead of the wealthy.
  • If the computer on which the infringement allegedly occured is in the roommate’s private bedroom, it would be unreasonable (and perhaps illegal under local law) for her to enter the roommate’s bedroom and snoop around on the computer without permission from the roommate.
  • An interesting twist on this issue, the letter written by Sen. Rockefeller, rather presciently, as it turns out, written to Vice D.C. and locked away unless and until just such a spot as we now find ourselves in occured.
  • My friends, no sooner had the idea occured to me than I unplugged the DSL cable, took my laptop and my folder full of notes into the living room, and started writing.
  • The story that's stuck in my head is one that's tentatively called 'Don't panic' which is the title of the Coldplay song that was in my head when the idea occured to me Which in turn comes from a famous line in 'A hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy'.