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What is the meaning of occupy in Hindi?

Meaning of occupy in Hindi is : स्थान लेना

Definition of word occupy

  • To fill (time). (verb)
    भरने के लिए (समय)।

Examples of word occupy

  • The word occupy also connotes presence, however, which is the precursor to love.
  • Just the word occupy insinuates to take over without consent.
  • "You can use the word "occupy" and attach it to anything and go with it."
  • Right now, during this particular phase in history, we are watching the word "occupy" transform in definition from it's original "to fill up space," to "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"
  • The word "occupy" is a bit like the word "cleave," which, as Alan Watts was fond of pointing out, has two meanings, one of which is the precise opposite of the other.
  • Type the word "occupy" into the search field on WePay's Donations page and you'll get 360 campaigns to choose from.
  • Like the word "cleave," there are two meanings involved in the word "occupy," one of which is the exact opposite of the other.