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What is the meaning of occupier in Hindi?

Meaning of occupier in Hindi is : भोक्ता

Definition of word occupier

  • One who occupies, particularly with respect to a foreign government controlling the territory of another. (noun)
    जो कब्जा करता है, विशेष रूप से दूसरे के क्षेत्र को नियंत्रित करने वाली विदेशी सरकार के संबंध में।

Examples of word occupier

  • And again, "Time Magazine" uncovering a claim of responsibility from al Qaeda in Iraq with a message saying that basically it's aimed at those who are cooperating with what they call the occupier and its agents, saying ominously, quote, "We will reach you wherever you are."
  • CNN did the English translation here, but as you can see, he has a tone of forgiveness and is asking his supporters and Arab nations in general to distinguish between what he called the occupier's leaders and the average citizens.
  • Being an occupier is a no-win situation, and of course is morally appalling.
  • We are running the danger that the mission will completely lose its legitimation, "Schneider said, adding that it would be a" fatal development "if Germany became a long-term occupier in Afghanistan."
  • The factory site already includes one residential property, whose long-term occupier, a woman living alone in her fifties, is apparently incensed that she has been given a month's notice to move out.
  • So yes, Obama is FAR left of liberal, and he'll be a 1 term occupier (he's beneath being called President) of the Presidency!
  • When al-Qa'eda crashes planes into American buildings, no one wants to hear that other Muslims have the "right" to defend themselves against occupation, especially when the occupier is our special ally (of course, when Muslims are occupied by our adversaries, like the Soviets or Saddam, then they not only have the right to fight the occupier, we'll help and even do the job of resisting for them).
  • The demands that are listed by Al Jazeera are freeing all prisoners from Iraqi government controlled jails and freeing prisoners from what the group called occupier jails, namely Boka (ph) and Abu Ghraib.
  • The State authority was to be the purchaser, and the occupier was to be the proprietor.