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What is the meaning of occupant in Hindi?

Meaning of occupant in Hindi is : सवारी

Definition of word occupant

  • A person who occupies a place or a position. (noun)

Examples of word occupant

  • President Obama, unlike the former White House occupant, is an adult, capable of honest reflection.
  • This issue was recently addressed by David Viano and colleagues, who work at ProBiomechanics LLC, a Michigan firm specializing in occupant kinematics and injury causation, published last month in Traffic Injury Prevention.
  • In a car crash involving a modern vehicle, everything happens before the occupant is even aware of the collision.
  • With the Winter Issue comes the opening of a new wing, the HENDERSON LABORATORY, in which one occupant is given free reign to experiment with new and unusual ideas throughout the duration of the season.
  • In this country, a VP [with the exception of the current occupant] is not a CO-president.
  • Every time I see a "pro-life" bumper sticker I wonder if the car's occupant is also prolife when it comes to capital punishment.
  • I was recently involved in a warrant where the occupant is on disability benefits, £300 per week, rent and council tax paid by yours truly.
  • Not only that, Obama -- reflecting the agonizing number of economic potholes and his inability to get rid of them -- is increasingly being viewed by Wall Street as a non-achiever, a veritable misfit when it comes to concocting a meaningful plan to revitalize the economy and a likely one-term occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • The story The Voice in the Night, for instance, concerns a couple shipwrecked on an island whose only occupant is a corrupting fungus.