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What is the meaning of obsolescence in Hindi?

Meaning of obsolescence in Hindi is : प्रयोग से हटना

Definition of word obsolescence

  • The state of being obsolete—no longer in use; gone into disuse; disused or neglected. (noun)

Examples of word obsolescence

  • You should accept that fact that this is a new way of life - adapt or look up the word "obsolescence" in the dictionary.
  • That built-in obsolescence is a pain and at least paper books don’t require you to update your reader.
  • The built in obsolescence of computers drives me crazy.
  • Nobody needs to develop a theory about and preach the obsolescence of the image; the obsolescence is objectively visible and speaks for itself.
  • At least the makes of electrical widgets worldwide are sticking to built in obsolescence thus far.
  • Male obsolescence is the path to female happiness.
  • Because we live in an age when rapid technological obsolescence is a truism, the more technical questions and answers of the interview are likely to acquire a patina before their time.