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What is the meaning of nuptial in Hindi?

Meaning of nuptial in Hindi is : स‌ंब‌ंधी

Definition of word nuptial

  • Of or pertaining to wedding and marriage. (adjective)

Examples of word nuptial

  • He is addressed as a king possessed of all essential graces, as a conqueror exalted on the throne of a righteous and eternal government, and as a bridegroom arrayed in nuptial splendor.
  • The shrubs and flowers were in pairs; and I was informed that such little gardens appear about the houses where there are and have been nuptials, and hence they are called nuptial gardens.
  • By the fourth generation, Kammerer reported, male toads even had black "nuptial" pads, a trait water-mating toads have (to grasp a female) but midwife toads do not.
  • But let us see what he brought and espoused us with, what kind of nuptial gifts.
  • It was in fact a kind of nuptial hymn, which, taking its start from the thought of nature as the universal mother, celebrated the preliminary pairing and mating together of all fresh things, in the hot and genial spring-time -- the immemorial nuptials of the soul of spring itself and the brown earth; and was full of a delighted, mystic sense of what passed between them in that fantastic marriage.
  • So here's JP asking the waiter how much it would cost if Holli and Jay wanted to rent a "nuptial" room for the night.
  • On the other hand, in deeper waters, the red pigment prevails and females choose males that have bright red "nuptial" suits.
  • "nuptial," is really a reflection of the ultimate male-female Love that exists within the union.
  • Through close observation of 50 happily married couples, the authors identified four templates for lasting nuptial success.
  • So I don't care that Bridesmaids features bridesmaids, nor that it is ultimately uncritical of the American nuptial hyper-consumption that, from a distance, looks like a disorder.