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What is the meaning of nostalgic in Hindi?

Meaning of nostalgic in Hindi is : याद में आतुर

Definition of word nostalgic

  • Of, having, or relating to nostalgia. (adjective)
  • Reminiscent of the speaker's childhood or younger years. (adjective)
  • A person who displays nostalgia for something. (noun)

Examples of word nostalgic

  • It is value for the construction time, role-playing fun and a certain nostalgic value that sets it apart from most other toys.
  • The kind of "sanity" for which Stewart claims to be nostalgic is a thing of the past.
  • Lost in nostalgic souvenirs I ambled past les belles, snapping a few more photos along the way.
  • Quiet, episodic, and verging on nostalgic is how I explain Jim the Boy by Tony Earley.
  • T.M. Spooner's novel, Notes from Exile, is a lakeside story, and because it is, I feel a certain nostalgic empathy for the book.


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