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What is the meaning of nope in Hindi?

Meaning of nope in Hindi is : नहीं

Definition of word nope

  • No. (adverb)
  • A negative reply, no. (noun)
  • A bullfinch (noun)
  • A blow to the head. (noun)
  • (archaic) To hit someone on the head. (verb)

Examples of word nope

  • I cringe and tell them "nope" - I just don't like it.
  • In a year that started with hope, the Esks appear to have turned into "nope" -- if not
  • In the teaser for season 4.5 there is a shot of a bunch of Sharons giving Boomer a rubdown - oops, nope, that is not what is happening - it looks upon closer inspection that Tyrol's hammy hand is holding something and aiming for Athena-Sharon's neck as she runs and holds Hera.
  • Who knows, maybe I can get the boss to pony up some $$... nope, that isn't gonna happen.
  • A curious number of sources asked about the guest list simply respond "nope," as if working from a script.


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