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What is the meaning of nonmetal in Hindi?

Meaning of nonmetal in Hindi is :

Definition of word nonmetal

  • an element, such as phosphorus or chlorine, that does not have the chemical or physical properties of a metal (noun)

Examples of word nonmetal

  • The interiors are about 14% of the weight, with the remaining 15% from other car parts that are made from nonmetal glass, electrical components, doors, liquids and closures.
  • Another 232 were issued to metal and nonmetal mines, a category that includes quarries and cement plants, among other things.
  • The problem is that if these irresponsible narcissists get publicity, talk show and tv time and fame and promote their desire for moneymaking opportunities ... it will encourage others to do the same stupid stunts and maybe one of them will be carrying plastic explosives, poison, or some other nonmetal weopen, thus endangering our President, his family, staff, and guests. ...
  • Nail file: to smooth and shape the nails nonmetal, 180 grit or higher
  • One of the biggest differences was using aluminum in key parts of the fuselage instead of composites, the carbon epoxy and other nonmetal materials used in the first prototypes on the theory that would save weight.
  • Hoping that the nonmetal handle would interrupt a lethal electrical shock, in seconds I was hacking at the conduit like a demented ax murderer.
  • But it could be hard to find a showerhead without some nonmetal materials inside the head.