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What is the meaning of nonexistent in Hindi?

Meaning of nonexistent in Hindi is : अस्तित्त्वहीन

Definition of word nonexistent

  • Not existent; not real. (adjective)
    मौजूद नहीं है; वास्तविक नहीं।

Examples of word nonexistent

  • Pawlenty criticized what he called her "nonexistent" record of accomplishment in Congress and history "of misstating and making false statements."
  • While me and my dad were dressing the deer the heart and lungs were nearly nonexistent from the damage that had been done.
  • The nonexistent is what we have not sufficiently desired.
  • Chalabi himself says his relationship with the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq is now -- quote -- "nonexistent" -- Bill
  • Asco also created evocative titles, such as "A La Mode" and "No Tip," that referred to nonexistent films while constructing themselves as film stars in the process.