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What is the meaning of nonexistence in Hindi?

Meaning of nonexistence in Hindi is :

Definition of word nonexistence

  • The state of not existing. (noun)

Examples of word nonexistence

  • Of course, the kobold’s nonexistence is no reason to stop playing the game …
  • This cessation itself, although something effected, is of the nature of that kind of nonexistence which results from the destruction of something existent, and as such does not pass away.
  • I'm tired with all these liars telling me that atheism is a belief in "nonexistence" etc.
  • In a fundamental way, they're right: Even if science cannot prove negatives like the nonexistence of God, it does provide an alternative framework for understanding the universe that doesn't require divine inspiration.
  • Terrorists were a victim of their own success on 9/11; I think a big factor in the nonexistence/infrequency of attacks on American soil is that they feel like it has to be an impressive attack.
  • She was generally pretty happy in the material world, so I could see how this next phase of her existence, or nonexistence, would be a good one.
  • A proof of the nonexistence of any particular finite sequence of digits in its decimal expansion would have as a corollary that pi is not normal.
  • Drag Me to Hell is uninterested in the existence or nonexistence of demons; it is merely interested in mocking them, a not altogether impious enterprise: the humorous devil character -- along with the humorous mummery used to dispel him -- appears in the Book of Tobit.