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What is the meaning of nm in Hindi?

Meaning of nm in Hindi is :

Definition of word nm

  • Symbol for the nanometer (nanometre), an SI unit of length equal to 10−9 meters (metres). (noun)
  • never mind (initialism)

Examples of word nm

    • It's a good thing Congress does not have to pass a bill instructing farmers when to close the barn door to prevent their animals from making an escape. guy in nm
    • Every time I see Santorum's name, all I can think about is the contemporary, updated definition that was given to him by columnist, Dan Savage .... hee hee hee! guy in nm
    • Add the heavy weight of weapons plus a reserve so you can loiter in the landing pattern a few minutes on return and I think a combat radius of 410 nm is reasonable.
    • If M is a unital module, the expression nm has the same meaning in this sense as it does thinking of This example already shows that not every module has a basis.
    • i think he was refurring to break up with bella in nm
    • Scotopic peak is around 500 nm, which is in the blue range, which is why blue lights are so easily sensed.
    • Mie scattering particles are larger than a wavelenth of light, larger than 400-800 nm in other words, so 1 micron is near the Mie limit.