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What is the meaning of ninja in Hindi?

Meaning of ninja in Hindi is :

Definition of word ninja

  • A person trained primarily in stealth, espionage, assassination and the Japanese martial art of ninjutsu. (noun)
  • A Mongolian amateurish private miner (mainly for gold); after the shape of the plastic bowls used to wash metal ore with mercury, roughly resembling one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (noun)
  • Juggalo version of the epithet "nigga". (noun)
  • To act in the manner of a ninja, especially in the areas of speed and power. (verb)
  • To claim an item in a game by abusing game mechanics, often despite having no real need for the item or ability to use it. (verb)
  • To post a response on a message board immediately before someone else unknowingly posts a response saying the same thing. (verb)

Examples of word ninja

  • : Well, I decided to start installing win7 RC so yeah .. tok3n ninja; is behind you
  • Me being lazy, I can now fix that. tok3n ninja; is behind you
  • For the love of God, PLEASE turn off automatic reboot after system failure MS! tok3n ninja; is behind you tok3n ninja; is behind you
  • Fucking crappy video drivers from Nvidia's and Ati have effected me on both OS's though Intel isn't off the hook really ether with their noted huge performance regressions with Ubuntu 9.04! tok3n ninja; is behind you
  • And this was on Vista aaziz tok3n ninja; is behind you


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