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What is the meaning of negatively in Hindi?

Meaning of negatively in Hindi is : नकारात्मक रूप में

Definition of word negatively

  • In a negative manner; so as to be damaging or not positive. (adverb)

Examples of word negatively

  • Hence, the legitimate province of the indicative mood, is to _declare_ things, whether positively or negatively; thus, _positively_, He _came_ with me; _negatively_, He _came not_ with me.
  • A Pew Research poll in December found 60 per cent of people saw the word negatively, compared to 39 per cent for "liberal" and 30 per cent for "conservative".
  • He warned that what he described as negatively-preceived U.S.
  • People working 10-12-14-16 hour days to try to provide a better life for their family watch government bureaucrats work from 9: 10 to 4: 45, leaving for whatever appointments they might need to attend, leaving early to attend their child's plays, etc, taking off anytime they don't feel 100%, receiving better benefits and pay than those actually creating wealth, living in bigger and better homes ....... and you don't think we should use the term negatively?
  • Talking about how oppressive laws against one group of people effects everyone negatively is what helped the civil rights movement of the 1960′s.


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