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What is the meaning of need in Hindi?

Meaning of need in Hindi is : ज़रूरत

Definition of word need

  • A requirement for something. (noun)
    किसी चीज के लिए एक आवश्यकता।
  • To be necessary (to someone). (verb)
    आवश्यक होना (किसी के लिए)।

Examples of word need

    • However, as president we need a leader who can bring people together and get things done for the good of all Americans, that is why we * need* Obama.
    • No need to realize that if you have some good solid cooking skills, you don't *need* her ridiculous show.
    • But it's not the sex or the kid who has a baby at 17 or the fact that people who need to can get divorced, it's that you don't *need* a reason to get divorced anymore, and the sex outside of marriage is *expected* and that it's not about helping someone through a bad time it's about redefining the "bad time" as something good.
    • If I could be sure that all parents who opt their kids out of the courses would teach them what they need to know -- not what the parents want them to know, but *need* to know, then I wouldn't have said what I said.
    • Helen Baker must leave college, because they need her _at home_, -- just think, _need her_!
    • Reports, it may be worth while to notice that he never but once in his life advertised the public of any need, and that was the _need of more orphans_ -- more to care for in the name of the Lord -- a single and singular ease of advertising, by which he sought not to increase his
    • We're concerned about how it will affect our lives (sleep, I need it to be a happy person -- no, really I * need* it; we would hate to go back to the financial place where we have to count every penny; we don't live near family; neither of us have much experience with babies; etc.)
    • Rather, under the rule as it now stands, “the label need have only one of these instructions.”
    • However, if the regular use of hot water will not harm the product, the label need not mention any water temperature.
    • However, if the regular use of a high temperature will not harm the product, the label need not mention any drying temperature.