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What is the meaning of necessitate in Hindi?

Meaning of necessitate in Hindi is : विवश करना

Definition of word necessitate

  • To require something to be brought about. (verb)
    कुछ लाने की आवश्यकता है।

Examples of word necessitate

  • Our ability to navigate the compromises those conflicting rights necessitate is what makes us good at living collectively, or not.
  • We are said to have converted a proposition per accidens, or by limitation, when the rules for the distribution of terms necessitate a reduction in the original quantity of the proposition.
  • If they don't, what will their Ministerial salary be, and what increase will the posts 'necessitate' to the staffing etc. of the existing regional offices?
  • It leaves us vulnerable to dubious claims about the next demon du jour whose supposedly threatening actions "necessitate" U.S. military invasion in order to keep the world
  • Regardless of your generation, the economic climate is going to necessitate that we all learn how to communicate and work together.
  • I wonder sometime if such concerns will necessitate the development of a cohesive international space traffic regulation agency.
  • So that depending upon the level of sophistication of the Libyan air defense, it will necessitate some type of minimization or neutralization of those defenses.
  • This man is known to the federal legal system as a military imposter of such magnitude as to warrant federal charges and prosecution in a court of law, and to necessitate special stipulations precluding his making those military claims in any way, shape, or form.