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What is the meaning of naturalist in Hindi?

Meaning of naturalist in Hindi is : प्राणिविज्ञ

Definition of word naturalist

  • A person committed to studying nature or natural history. (noun)
    प्रकृति या प्राकृतिक इतिहास का अध्ययन करने के लिए प्रतिबद्ध व्यक्ति।

Examples of word naturalist

  • I also think his work as a naturalist is very important, and this was a point I wanted to stress in Originthe absolutely critical urgency of respecting and caring for our planet.
  • Join naturalist Casey Pittrizzi to search for migratory birds that might be stopping by Meadowlark Gardens during migration season.
  • The statement does not say the naturalist is only capable of being justified in making inductions if the naturalist believes that theism is true, since that's a logically incoherent notion.
  • But the language of a naturalist is quite unique in regard to what he or she thinks is natural and what is not.
  • He was what philosophers call a naturalist, believing -- as did his acknowledged master, Spinoza -- that there is no distinction to be made between God and Nature and that perfection and reality are two names for the same thing.
  • French, as in English, naturalist means, of course, sim - ply student of nature, and the analogy between the writer and the naturalist, specifically the botanist and zoologist, was ready at hand.
  • Natural history must indeed be a godlike pursuit, if such a man as this can so adore it, people said; and the very definition and meaning of the word naturalist underwent a favorable alteration in the common mind.
  • 11 Arabia, in the opinion of the naturalist, is the genuine and original country of the horse; the climate most propitious, not indeed to the size, but to the spirit and swiftness, of that generous animal.
  • He preferred to be called a naturalist or realist, and these terms fit him equally well.
  • A great help to the naturalist is a collection of pictures such as appear from time to time in periodicals.