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What is the meaning of nanotechnology in Hindi?

Meaning of nanotechnology in Hindi is : नैनो

Definition of word nanotechnology

  • The science and technology of building devices, such as electronic circuits, from single atoms and molecules. (noun)

Examples of word nanotechnology

  • And the term "nanotechnology" is broad and encompasses many different techniques and ambitions, which, some on the panel argued, make generalisation, for good or bad, unhelpful.
  • The innovation within nanotechnology is what has allowed the nanoantennas to be efficiently embedded to absorb energy in a flexible and inexpensive material.
  • A recent survey conducted by members of the Cultural Cognition Project at Yale Law School found that eight out of ten Americans have no clear understanding of the term nanotechnology - however, nine out of ten hold an opinion about its benefits and risks.
  • "All the advice I get," Willets said, "is that behind the word 'nanotechnology' there is a range of nanotechnologies, with different risks and in different sectors, which do not require an equal level of regulation."
  • Harris & Harris Group focuses solely in making initial investments in "tiny" technologies, which it defines as nanotechnology and microsystems.

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