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What is the meaning of namin in Hindi?

Meaning of namin in Hindi is :

Definition of word namin

Examples of word namin

  • "What's the good o 'namin' him, and allus talkin 'about him, when yer don't never know as he ar'n't byside ye?"
  • The sight o 'you, single-handed, meetin' and annihilatin 'the pride of the Mexican navy, calm in th' moment o 'despair, generous in victory and delicate as blazes to a fallen shipmate, goin' to work an 'namin' your vessel after him that way, is somethin 'that wipes away all sorrer and welds a friendship that's bound to endoor till death us do part.
  • We've got a big plant up in -- 'namin' a city in Connecticut.
  • Th 'boss ha' a way o 'namin' every mon t 'suit hisself.
  • "Ob co'se," said Aun 'Jinkey, dryly, "I ain' namin 'her pedigree. "


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